When Presence, Objectivity, Advocacy, and Sincerity Matter Most…

Providing trusted & valued education, support, and guidance to families facing or proactively planning for the tasks and challenges during the last season of life.


Are you or a loved one under your care…

  • Facing a life-limiting diagnosis?
  • Experiencing challenges relating to aging or illness and needing guidance?
  • Desiring to pre-coordinate and organize tasks at any age that will one day be needed to make things easier for those left to care for you or manage your estate?
  • Feeling as if you have limited knowledge of truly what is available regarding services, options, and resources?


Life’s End Logistics LLC offers consultation and guidance to your family in the following ways:

  • Walking with your family through the journey – including candid conversations about the realities of your situation, diagnosis, prognosis, and needs.
  • Providing Objective Coordination with Appropriate Resources, Products, and Services – Including funding opportunities for care, coordination of services through researched and known providers, and connections to services providing emotional, logistical, legal, financial, and medical support. Assisting families in setting up proper “thresholds” of change and “safety nets” of support regarding present and future needs.
  • Assistance with the Organization of One’s Estate for Current Needs and Future Purposes – Including a review and organization of current paperwork, development of a safety plan, organization of medical information for easy access, and prioritization of needed tasks.
  • Objective Funeral Planning and Budgeting – Including research of local funeral providers and realistic budgeting for these needs to best assist families and avoid excess debt. Coordination with pre-need and at-time-of-need contacts at funeral and cemetery providers to ensure wishes are met and followed – with advocacy at related pre-coordination meetings (as desired). Organization of information needed at time of death by funeral providers, attorneys, etc.


Life’s End Logistics LLC does not receive any type of reimbursement from any recommended providers or products sold to ensure objectivity and advocacy for the true needs of the families served.


All services provided will:

  • Be specific to the client and their presenting needs. There is no “cookie-cutter” approach to services provided.
  • Encourage the ability for families to handle themselves as much as desired.
  • Follow the strict Code of Ethics as outlined by the National Association of Social Workers promoting the dignity and worth of person, importance of human relationships, integrity, competence, social justice, and service.
  • Strive to relieve the stress, chaos, and burden related to the care of someone in the difficult transitions of aging, chronic disease, disabilities, and pending death.


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