About Brandi, owner of Life’s End Logistics LLC

BrandiBrandi was born and raised in a small town in Northwest Georgia. Her loving parents own a flooring business – which was and continues to be operated out of her childhood home. Due to growing up inside of a business, she learned quickly the importance of business ethics, smart decisions, and hard work. Her upbringing also instilled in her the importance of sincere love for her family, friends, and the larger community – which included the necessary duty to care for others in time of need.

She chose to attend Shorter College in Rome for her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a minor in Sociology and then attended the University of Georgia in Athens for her Master’s Degree in Social Work. The education behind the degrees helped her to gain the academic skills needed to actively and ethically help others within her chosen career as a Social Worker.

Beyond her degrees, Brandi is licensed by the State of Georgia with her Master’s Degree in Social Work (LMSW) and is a member of the National Association of Social Workers. Through the NASW, she has attained a specialized certification with a focus on Case Management (C-ASWCM) demonstrating experience and expertise in her chosen field. She also has volunteered her time and efforts for multiple organizations as well as manages a virtual group of over 750 local professionals within her discipline to share unique resources, job opportunities, and educational events.

Since graduating in 2004, Brandi has worked as a Medical Social Worker in a variety of settings primarily with older adults. In these settings – she worked with many patients undergoing medical treatments such as chemotherapy and dialysis, families with very complex dynamics, patients living both in their homes and within facilities, and clients under the care of medical professionals for a variety of conditions – from psychiatric to chronic concerns to terminal illness. Her clients to date have ranged in age from their late 30s to over 105 years old!

She has been honored to serve clients that came from all walks of life, professions, income levels, support networks, religious beliefs, ethnicities, relationships, and experiences. As a Social Worker – her job is to assess the family’s overall needs, guide families to make positive choices leading to solutions, and to connect families to helpful resources. She provides long-term support to the entire family unit through the often-inevitable and stressful transitions through illness, disabilities, and death.

Aging Life Care ManagerIn 2010, she decided to serve others in a different way by working for a local funeral home and crematory to assist families with the discussion and pre-coordination of funeral services. It was in this environment that her eyes were opened further to the complex task-centered needs facing those caring for someone at their life’s end and the critical importance of having an objective guide through the process.

Since this experience, Brandi has continued to gain skills and knowledge as an insurance broker for Medicare products and an Aging Life Care Manager to families facing medical complexities.

Beyond her career, Brandi most enjoys spending her time soaking up life with her loving husband and son, her amazing family, and her supportive friends.