About Life’s End Logistics LLC

In 2016, Brandi decided to combine her years of direct experience, advocacy, and knowledge received through working with families as a Medical Social Worker with her desire to support others in the critical and complex tasks that face families at end of life – thus, Life’s End Logistics LLC was created.

When asked “What do you really want to do to help others in your new business?” Brandi gave this example…

She wants the families she helps to experience the same feelings as she did when she was learning to swim as a child. She clearly remembers standing on the edge of the pool very scared looking down into the water. However, in the pool was someone with their arms upstretched saying, “Jump, I’ve got you.” And, she would jump with less fear because she knew she was not alone, had the right guidance, and was protected.

Having someone in the pool did not take away her fear and it did not make those next moves necessarily easy. However, it made it something she could do. She wants Life’s End Logistics LLC to do the same for families when their cherished loved ones are facing terminal illness, the desire to pre-coordinate needs with objective help, or are facing complex changes due to advancing age. She cannot take away the losses associated with disease, disability, and pending death. She cannot take away the grief and emotional pain of knowing that losses, increased needs, and challenges must be faced down the road – however, she can be there to help proactively plan and guide. She can help families reduce the chaos and can offer the same peace, guidance, and support that she felt facing something difficult.