Our Services

Services provided are specific to the need and all costs will be discussed fully at time of initial phone discussion. Payment is expected at time of service. Services are provided in the home of the client or in an agreed-upon location outside of the home which ensures the needed privacy for discussion.

Options of Care:

Consultation Services

Consultation ServicesWith this, you will have an opportunity to sit down (or virtually meet) at length with Brandi to discuss current concerns and initial solutions. This is not a timed appointment – however, it is for an estimated 2 hours. This will be a focused meeting looking at one’s “pain points” and finding rapid solutions. After the consultation, Brandi will research the most appropriate and specific solutions for your situation. Once compiled, she will send a review of the meeting’s content as well as the initial recommendations by email or mail. This level of care is great for families that have the energy or ability to handle things; however, just do not know where to start!

Many people want to know this is service is available in their “back pocket” for when needs arise and changes are observed to assist with active planning and best next steps. Consultation services may also be used periodically to ensure that things are still on the right track as was originally discussed.

Consultation with Simplified Estate Organization and Funeral Planning Services

This is for the family needing guidance – yet, wanting assistance in the research and implementation of services. It will include the initial consultation, research, coordination, and discussion regarding the specific needs. It will also include a simplified estate organization and discussion regarding funeral planning. Again, this is not a timed appointment; however, is for an estimated visit time of 5 hours in 1-2 on-site visits plus all follow up research necessary. Full report of visit(s) and research to be provided to the family through email or mail.

Consultation with Detailed Estate Organization and/or Funeral Planning Services

This is for the family wanting full assistance, increased access to consultative services, and direct advocacy with necessary planning – including detailed pre-coordination of funeral planning and detailed estate organization. The appointment time estimate is varied but will range from 7-10 hours in multiple visits, on-site funeral advocacy with providers, and multiple virtual conversations by phone or virtual means following visits (as needed). Full report of visits and research to be provided to the family through email or mail.

Funeral Pre-Coordination Advocacy Services Only

Estate Organization and Funeral Planning Services

(This service may be alone or combined with basic consultation, if desired)
Do you want to pre-coordinate your burial and cremation services but do not know where to start, who to use, and what will be needed? Do you want to take this burden off of your family? Do you want to make sure that you have all the facts and have an advocate in this process?

This in-person or virtual meeting will assist your family in realistically discussing wishes, ensuring legal paperwork is in place to follow through with requests, exploring local providers (and their costs) to find a good fit, exploring unique forms of disposition such as green burials or reef memorialization, exploring regulations surrounding organ or body donation (if desired), and all follow up preparation needed for true budgeting and the exploration of options prior to meeting with the funeral provider. I DO NOT work for any funeral based provider and do not receive any reimbursement for recommendations, etc. Thus, this is an objective look at what is available among multiple options and what may be the best fit for the budget and wishes.

Crisis Consultation Services

Crisis services are available in unique circumstances at the discretion of the owner. All details and estimated costs are to be discussed at time of need.

Travel Expenses – All travel is included in rates if under 25 miles from home office location in Canton, GA. If more than 25 miles, costs are billed separately and vary depending on distance. Google maps is used to verify distance amounts. Travel expenses may be waived under the discretion of the owner and will be determined in full at time of billed services.